Reaching for Real Life!

A place to connect with the message and music of Sean Azzaro.

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Sean Azzaro is on a journey to experience real life. And whether through story or song, he loves to share that journey with others! Sean ministers in and through a truly unique community called River City Community Church. 

Sean is the founding pastor of River City. He and his wife, Lauri, began the fellowship in their home with four other families, and have seen it grow into an amazing, vibrant, Christian community.

As a musician, Sean sings music for the soul. Call it folk, gospel, or something all its is music that speaks to the spirit! As the son of Irish folk legend, Liam Clancy of the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, his acoustic folk roots run deep, and it comes through in every song he plays. Sean is a singer/Songwriter, storyteller, and ordained minister.  

He says of himself, "I am a husband, dad, grandfather, pastor, and musician who loves his Savior, his family, his job, and going without socks.  I am also lead pastor at an amazing place called River City Community Church, which really is a church for real life!"