Christmas at River City!

At River City Community Church, we love Christmas! We love the sights, smells, and sounds of the holiday season. But more than anything else, we love Christmas because it is the celebration of the greatest rescue mission in the history of mankind. The incarnation of Christ! God, Himself, stepped out of Heaven to save the lost creation that He deeply loves.Christmas is the opening chapter of the greatest love story ever told! Emmanuel…God with us!!

Now, I don't care what anybody says, Christmas is a big deal in America. For most of us, it has been a significant part of our culture and our upbringing, every year.  We have memories, experiences, and images that stir up a myriad of feelings and emotions. Unfortunately, in much of the cultural experience, the rescue mission part of the message has been lost. Well, we're going find it! 

In our series, this month called, "The Ghosts of Christmas—Seeing God's Hand in Your Past, Present, and Future," we're going to borrow (and have fun with!) some beloved cultural images to personalize the story of God's rescue mission for each one of us. This series promises to draw us in to the intersection of our own story with God's story.

I encourage you to invite some people that you care about to join you for this important series of conversations. I've attached an invitation flyer to make that easy. I also encourage you not to take lightly the power of this message of ours. Jesus understood it to be a matter of life and death, and we should too! I've seen this story change entire families and communities. Maybe God wants to use you to share this life-changing truth with someone in your sphere of influence. Let's pray for boldness and favor as we extend an open hand.

Celebrating the Story,


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