This Sunday - You want to win the lottery?


Hey River City,

Last Sunday, we took a bit of a turn in our series to focus on the teaching of Jesus. Matthew tells us that people were amazed at Jesus’ teaching because He taught with a different kind of authority! Now...I told you last Sunday that I'd be talking about Jesus and money this week, and that if you've ever wanted to win the lottery (or some other comparable windfall...), you'd want to be here Sunday. I have some very good news to share with you from the teaching of Jesus. You don't want to miss "Jesus on Money!"

Don't forget to invite some friends to "Come and See" with your 5x5 invite cards. Who knows the lives that God wants to transform through you?

I also want to make you aware of a very cool page on our website. Go to reallife.organd click on the yellow link on the left that says "River City News."  This is a one-stop page to keep you posted on everything that is happening at River City! We highlight big events, give you access to our last several bulletin inserts, and even have a ministry events calendar with links to all the things that are happening at River City. Check out the News page and find out everything you need to know about our ministry schedule.  

God is moving at River City! Don't miss what He has in store for this weekend.

For the One Hope.