Fearless - Day 11

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. Psalm 56:3

It’s not a matter of “if” we’ll be afraid, but “when.” Sadly, fear is a regular challenge in a fallen world and, truth be told, every one of us has areas where fear is a temptation. The secret to becoming fearless is not denying it, but learning what to do with it. The Psalmist gives us a powerful and effective response to fear in the form of a simple prayer: ”I will trust in you!” Choosing to trust in the Lord is one of the most life-altering decisions a person can make. Fear magnifies circumstances, making them seem bigger than they are. Declaring our trust in the Lord puts the object of our fear back into its proper perspective. Even big issues lose their power to intimidate in the presence of an awesome God! He is trustworthy, so I don’t need to be afraid.

For Reflection: What is one area where you are tempted with fear? In this area, think of one tangible action that would declare your choice to trust God. Do it, and see what happens!

Lord, sometimes I feel afraid. I am bombarded daily with a thousand reasons why I should be fearful. But then I remember You. I remember Your love and faithfulness. You are eternally good and more powerful than anything that I might fear. So, instead of fear, I choose to trust you. I place my life and my circumstances in Your care. Thank you that I don’t need to be afraid!