Take it or leave it - does the church really matter?

I'm afraid that many people have lost sight of what the Church is and why it matters. Even many professed Christians boast with a smug superiority that they are "into God, but not into Church." 

The problem is...God says that the Church has been His plan all along and as such is the hope of the world. Consider this carefully; It's no coincidence that while Christians are rapidly losing sight of what we, the church should be, our culture is even more rapidly throwing off the moral restraints that the church has historically provided. And the results are disastrous!

This Sunday, I'm beginning a series called, "Take It or Leave It - Does the Church Really Matter?" This is the kickoff to a very important series of messages designed to uncover the biblical truth about the Church and compare it to where we find ourselves today. We're going to be honest and frank about where the Church has drifted and what it will take to bring us back!

For the sake of our fellowship, and our broader community, please make this series a priority. You may be surprised at what God has to say!

For the One Hope