Thoughts on another massacre

I’m frustrated and angry. My heart is broken.

As I read and watch stories about the people lost in the Douglas HS shootings, in Parkland, Florida, I can only imagine the horror of those moments. I feel the pain of families grieving their loved ones. So much sorrow and loss.

I see the pictures and hear the story of the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, and I wonder what happened to him. What kind of torment and pain drove him to this insanity? 

And then, of course, I hear the mindless drivel from pundits and commentators who callously point fingers and debate over the weapon used or whether more laws, that we don’t enforce, would prevent this kind of thing. 

I’m frustrated and angry.

When will we realize that what we should be talking about is why do people want to massacre other people? Whether they use a gun, knife, bomb, car, plane, or truck load of fertilizer is secondary. What hopelessness or blind hatred drives people to this kind of violence?

My frustration stems from the fact that I believe that there could have been help for Nikolas Cruz. I’m not just talking about mental heath intervention, although that seems obvious. No, at a much deeper level, I believe that the love of Jesus shared through authentic Christian community could have saved him...and all those he murdered. I have personally seen the transformative power of Christ’s love, shared in Christian community, countless times. I’ve seen very dark people brought back into the light by the love of Jesus and I wonder what could have been for Nikolas Cruz...and those he murdered.

Stop and look around. Kids are mandated, by law, to spend the majority of their day in schools, where they are told, God is not welcome. They are told God is not relevant, and they are not allowed to explore, or even acknowledge, the spiritual dimensions of truth, or right and wrong. Then we wonder why an increasing number of children, raised in this ambiguous, moral vacuum, get lost...and why some end up in a darkness that we never thought possible. 

But, of course, we can’t talk about this. 

That’s why I’m frustrated...but I’m also motivated. This is not a matter of politics or opinions; it’s a matter of life and death. Those of us who follow Jesus must be open and bold with the message of His love and grace. There is power in Christ-centered community and we need to share it with more fervor than ever. The world can fight and debate over types of weapons, and more laws, which we won’t enforce. I want to share the love and the light of Jesus with as many people as possible! Who knows who we may pull out of a deep darkness and what lives may be saved?

For the one hope.