Loss of a fellow pastor

Isaac Hunter

Isaac Hunter



Isaac Hunter was the son of pastor Joel Hunter from Orlando Florida. A number of years ago, Isaac planted a church in Orlando out of his dad's church.  In the process, He affiliated with our denomination, the Missionary Church.  Isaac and I spent time together at several conferences and retreats and were in a pastoral fellowship group together. I really liked him...he was a very cool guy. But somehow, He got lost along the way.

About a year ago, he resigned from his church after it was discovered that he was involved in an affair with a staff member. And, this week, He took his own life.

This is a tragic end to a promising life and call to ministry. As a pastor, I find this devastating. I can only imagine the pain that his family is enduring. My heart goes out the them. They are good people.

This tragedy serves as a warning and a call to prayer. Any of us has the potential to fall, apart from close and constant communion with the Father.  In unguarded moments, deception and sin can find a foothold and ultimately destroy even the best among us.

Please pray for the Hunter family.