Did you vote?

Like many of you, I voted yesterday. I usually try to take advantage of early voting, but I missed it this year. I was concerned that there might be long lines, but it wasn’t too bad!


I am truly thankful that we have the privilege of selecting our leaders and shaping our policies. In the scope of world history, this freedom is truly extraordinary! That’s why we need to be sure and participate every time we have the chance to influence the direction of our nation with our vote.


As grateful as I am for our political process, I want to always remember; I am not defined by my politics. I am not first a Democrat or Republican, I am a Christian. And while elections are important, they are not where we, as Christians, put our hope. Our hope is in the one thing that can truly transform people’s lives and, by extension, our society; relationship with our Father, through His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe that the gospel truly is the ONE HOPE!


So, whether you are disappointed or delighted with yesterday’s outcomes remember that our hope is in One who never has to campaign for re-election!