Cool weekend at River City and a word about Family Sunday!

Last Sunday, we had an awesome time of worship and saw new levels of engagement for many in our fellowship. Let's keep it up! Arrive on time with a heart prepared to offer the Lord your best in worship and celebration!

This Sunday, we'll have Dave McCall as our special guest. Dave is a former pastor and church planter who is now the Executive Director of the Pregnancy Care Center in San Antonio. He is a long-time friend and I invited him to simply come and share what the Lord has been laying on his heart. It's always good to hear what God is saying to others in the body of Christ, so you won’t want to miss this Sunday!

You may have heard some buzz about "Family Sunday!" In every month that has a 5th Sunday (4 times per year), that 5th Sunday will be Family Sunday at River City.  The elementary kids and youth will join us for a shared worship experience. We'll have different ages involved in leadership and I'll bring a message specifically designed to engage the whole family. (Some of you ADD folks are going to love this!) We're going to have special note sheets for the kids, which will even include a few "Dinnertime Devotions" to discuss the following week as a family. Each Family Sunday will also include a time of sharing the Lord's Supper together. We expect these Sundays to become something that the entire church looks forward to!

The first Family Sunday is June 30th, and to kick off this new tradition, after the 11:00 AM service we will have an all-church picnic at our park area near the Evans road entrance (Gate C). Lunch will be potluck style where everyone brings a main dish, side dish, or dessert that would be enough for their family plus a few others. It's going to be awesome! Put June 30th on your don't want to miss this!

I'll see you around this Sunday, but I won't be leading the service, as I'll be serving in children's ministry! I'm pretty fired up about adults are fine...but children's ministry is our best bet at seeing a radical change in the future of the church!

Game on!